Each installation includes a pictorial part and ancient objects and details. This is the connection of a picture on the ancient desk and an installation.

Alice and an Apple
88 х 56
Pictorial art, andient desk, ancient objects
Drawn by Aleksandr Sulimov, Alena Mushkina

This piece is devoted to Lewis Carroll. The central part is painted on the desk aged 150 years. We can see Alice, a young girl dreaming of wonders and amazing journeys. The ancient objects around her are whispering their mysterious stories. The portrait of the Rabbit in the brass gilt frame, silver pocket watch, a stand for quills, plates with weird inscriptions, opera glasses, a gold-plated lorgnette with a mother-of-pearl handle, a bone bottle for snuff and, of course, doors, locks and keys…

The Angel

90 х 58

Pictorial art, andient desk, ancient objects

Dedication to Don Quixote

104 х 60

Pictorial art, andient desk, ancient objects

This piece is dedicated to Don Quixote character. The central part is a picture on the 150 years old desk: an oil portrait of a young Spanish girl. She personifies a muse inspiring for love and great deeds. On the right there is Don Quixote made of brass, gears, a musical instrument, a clock pendulum, handles, a kerosene lamp, a clock face and a candlestick. Don Quixote is driving a retro bicycle. He is heading for to the windmill which is a dynamic moving piece. When you pull the key on a chain, the windmill starts spinning.

The antique pieces take us back in time: the carved cabinet with brass parts with a donkey Sancho Panza inside, a piece of a map of 1799, a Spanish banknote, a glass box with a rose, a candlestick, a buckle, a lock and keys, galleys, a bronze horse and small towers, a brooch-fan, a double portrait… All these details work on an atmosphere of antiquity.

A sculpture of Don Quixote with a book (1911) was created with cast-iron moulding (Kaslin casting). The man is shown reading a thick novel with pages crumpled from often use. Kaslin cast-iron moulding has long history and age-old traditions around the world, many times honored with awards.

A Violin Player

80 х 80

Pictorial art, andient desk, ancient objects

A Smile of the White Queen will be the Death of the Black Kings

142 х 142

Brass, gears, antique pieces

Pictorial part: Aleksandr Sulimov, Alena Mushkina

The piece is made of tens of pictures. It embodies the diversity and brightness of the world. The central part is dedicated to the chess and shows us a chess composition: a checkmate in three moves. White makes the first move and win the game.

Chess pieces are made of pearl opera glasses, musical instruments, a saltcellar, candlesticks, kerosene lamps, Tibetan bells, a part of a chandelier, gears, etc. In the center you can see the White Queen with her Gioconda smile that expresses confidence in the defeat of the Black .